Capri in few hours


19 December 2019

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As the boat stops in Marina Grande harbor, you’ll have 4 hours to do the best things in a very short time.

First, reach the ticket office that you’ll find to your right side at the end of the pier (it’s the first one of four and then buy 4 tickets for the funicular (€ 2.00 each, two for departing and other two for returning).
The funicular is a cable car (a panoramic small and famous little train) that reaches the Centre of the island in 5 minutes. There is a risk of a long line during high season.
Once in the famous LA PIAZZETTA look at the big clock in front of you and realize that the number four is incorrect, then keep the clock it to your left side and take the first road on the right (via Fuorlovado) to reach in 1 minute, helped by the supreme smell of the waffle cones made at the moment, the best ice cream of the island at BUONOCORE’s. Before enjoying the view from the Piazzetta, a place that used to be called “the sofa of the world”, pay attention if you choose to have something in one of the bars surrounding the square, because even an espresso could cost 6 euros or even more!
Now go for the ice cream and enjoy it while walking until you  get to a place where you have 2 choices:

If you go to the left, you’ll reach Via Camerelle, the famous shopping street with all the best shops of the island. Than you can reach VIA TRAGARA and BELVEDERE TRAGARA a panoramic terrace with a nice view on Marina Piccola and its FARAGLIONI (the three big rocks in the water, one of them with a hole inside).

Otherwise if you go to the right, you’ll reach the panoramic terraces called I GIARDINI DI AUGUSTO, from where you can enjoy the view of Marina Piccola and VIA KRUPP a famous road built up in the mountain with very narrow turns. Then come back to the main square.

It can be very difficult to visit because of the short time, but in any case, in Capri’s Island there is also the village of Anacapri, with the chairlift and Axel Munthe Museum as points of interest.

Concerning the Blue Cave (probably the most famous place of Capri) there could be necessary a long wait of even two hours during the weekends!
If you want to visit it, once  you  get on the island there is the LASER company just on the pier that offers  this tour at a price of 18 euros  per person plus 15 euros  to take  a smaller boat that goes  inside the cave. However, as I told you, it would take almost all your free time.

Restaurants: L’Approdo in Marina Grande or Capri’s in Capri Town…

Enjoy the ICE CREAM, pardon… Capri!!!