Surya Private Spa

Relax at our spa and enjoy our treatmens!

Thermal area SPA SURYA 1h (30 € pers.)

RELAX SHOWER Cervical massage shower with three diversified spraying jets: Mist- Rain – Tropic; they contribute to the relaxation of the cervical nerve centers and to the stimulation of the circulatory system.

STEAM SEA Warm and saturated with moisture environment, encourages perspiration, assists blood and lymphatic circulation, dissolves toxins favouring their elimination through sweating, aids breathing encouraging relaxation in order to reduce tensions and stress.

CALISAUNA Warm environment with 10-20% low humidity to promote the raise of internal body temperature by increasing blood circulation and contributing to a greater oxygen supply and nourishment towards the outer layer of epidermis. The enveloping heat relaxes muscles and joints.
AQUARELAX Multifunctional massage tub with saline warm water consisting of a lumbar massage seating, cervical massage, chaise longue for total-body oxygen uplift massage, to facilitate the exchange of mineral salts with the skin, promoting enrichment.

Thermal Area is included for massages, treatment and packages bookings.

To access the Wellness area you need bathrobe, slippers and bathing suit.

Thermal bathing is not recommended in case of high pressure and pregnancy.Guests under 18 years cannot access the Wellness area.

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