Surya Spa

Relax at our spa and enjoy our treatmens!

Thermal area SPA SURYA 1h (30 € pers.)

RELAX SHOWER Cervical massage shower with three diversified spraying jets: Mist- Rain – Tropic; they contribute to the relaxation of the cervical nerve centers and to the stimulation of the circulatory system.

STEAM SEA Warm and saturated with moisture environment, encourages perspiration, assists blood and lymphatic circulation, dissolves toxins favouring their elimination through sweating, aids breathing encouraging relaxation in order to reduce tensions and stress.

CALISAUNA Warm environment with 10-20% low humidity to promote the raise of internal body temperature by increasing blood circulation and contributing to a greater oxygen supply and nourishment towards the outer layer of epidermis. The enveloping heat relaxes muscles and joints.
AQUARELAX Multifunctional massage tub with saline warm water consisting of a lumbar massage seating, cervical massage, chaise longue for total-body oxygen uplift massage, to facilitate the exchange of mineral salts with the skin, promoting enrichment.

Thermal Area is included for massages, treatment and packages bookings.

To access the Wellness area you need bathrobe, slippers and bathing suit.

Thermal bathing is not recommended in case of high pressure and pregnancy.Guests under 18 years cannot access the Wellness area.

Spa massages

Thermal area is included.

Exclusive BABOR products and innovative new treatments provide an experience of relaxation and cuddles. Walnut, macadamia, sunflower and germs of rice oils, leave every inch of your skin nourished, hydrated and strengthened with an antioxidant vitamin E action.

Relax massage Relieves tension, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, giving balance and wellness to the body.(55 min. o 80 min.) 120€ o 150€

Deep tissue massage Works deeply on the skin tissue, muscle fascia and tendons; relaxes muscle tension and stimulates the blood flow. (55 min. o 80 min.) 120€ o 150€

Energy massage Relieves muscle tension stimulating the recovery from possible contractions.(55 min. o 80 min.) 120€ o 150

Bamboo massage According to the ancient Chinese philosophy, bamboo canes were able to make energy circulate within them and therefore they could be used to absorb the one in excess, restoring the body balance. Nowadays, during massages, bamboo canes are utilized to reduce muscle and mind tension.(55 min.) 130 €

Lymphatic drainage Characterized by slow movements, it is ideal for counteracting cellulite, improving blood and lymphatic circulation (55 min.) 120 €

Ayurvedic Head massage Thanks to the head acupressure, calms the center of the nervous system favouring the total relaxation.(25 min.) 60€

Foot massage Operates on possible organism imbalances by acting on inflammation and tension, reactivating the blood and lymphatic circulatory system. (25 min.) 60€

Partial massage Relaxing massage on an area of your body at your choice. (25 min) 60 €



Thermal area is included.

BABOR Facials are the world of luxury beauty treatments that helps to forget the stress. The skin is hydrated with concentrated fluids that offers intensive detoxifying, de-stressing or calming benefits. Lifting and firming massage techniques are applied. These treatments offer targeted results to prevent the signs of aging.

Hsr Lifting Your professional anti-wrinkle expert: five high-performance active ingredients. A powerful anti-wrinkle precision formula that acts against all types of wrinkles, such as expression wrinkles, gravitational wrinkles, vertical wrinkles and their main causes, such as loss of tone.(1 h 15 min.) 130 €

Reversive A systematic rejuvenation of the skin. Designed as a complete anti-aging system, REVERSIVE restores the skin’s radiance and youthfulness to the skin. The skin appears toned and smooth, with a uniform beauty.(1 h 15 min.) 190€

Skinovage Moisturizing, Hydrating facial with base of cornstarch and beetroot. Moisturizes the skin intensively and lastingly, enriching it with valuable lipids. In a perfect moisture balance, the skin’s natural protective barrier is harmonized to prevent dehydration.(55 min.) 90€

Skinovage calming with cucumber extracts, green tea and Vitamin E. Immediately soothes the skin, increasing its resistance and reducing its tendency to overreact. Instantly reduces irritation and redness caused by stress.(55 min.) 90€.

Skinovage purifying with base of rice starch and plant active ingredient from Africa. Reduces skin impurities and irritations, refines the skin’s structure and counteracts the first signs of skin aging. For a visibly bright, pure, balanced complexion.(55 min.) 90€

Skinovage balancying with the active complex of milk peptides, glutamic acid, cysteine and vitamins. Regulates the skin’s moisture: intensively moisturizes dry areas, while the sebum flow in oily areas of skin is reduced. Restores skin’s balance and refines pores.(55 min.) 90€

Skinovage vitalizing with active ingredient complex of ATP, from marine algae & papaya extract. Stimulates the metabolism and provides the energy necessary for all cell regeneration and renewal processes. Gives a vibrant, fresh, bright, smooth and rosy complexion.(55 min.) 90€

Beautiful eyes Anti-aging eye massage. The eye area will be treated with serums and creams. The skin around the eyes becomes radiantly youthful again, swelling around the eyes lessens, and dark circles begin to fade. (25 min.) 50 €

Hydra Boost Treatment Experience BABOR’s iconic Bi-Phase Cleansing Ritual, followed by the most intensive form of beauty therapy – a professional beauty ampoule treatment. With highly concentrated natural active ingredients tailored to your skin type, this intensive ampoule treatment immediately produces visible results you can see and feel.(25 min.) 50 €

Glow Boost This type of treatment is great for any tired looking skin. The goal of the treatment is to vitalise the skin and refine the complexion giving immediately a fresh and young look. It is the perfect treatment before going out. (25 min.) 50€


Body treatment

Thermal area is included.

The luxurious bodycare series BABOR SPA combines exclusive extracts from plant stem cells with fragrances that enhance well-being and agreeable textures. An all-round holistic experience for body, mind and soul. All BABOR SPA products make use of the primal powers of century-old plants and contain stem cell extracts from the Champagne pear and the service tree.

Exfoliate, nourish, hydrate, soft, firm and tone with BABOR SPA treatments.

Also according to your needs you can choose the fragrance you like and personalize your treatment:

1.Choose the Shaping line with an orange and momosa fragrance to combat excess fat depots, refine and smooth the body silhouette in a visible and perceptible way

2.Energizing bodycare series with stem cell extracts of the Champagne pear and lime extracts. With fresh citrus notes blending with green tea and lemon aroma lends the skin a radiant rosy-fresh appearance.

3.Relaxing body care series with stem cell extracts of the Champagne pear and Aachen thermal spring water. The Valuable Cardamine oil supports the protective lipid barrier. With a calming fragrance composition made of floral, wood and lavender notes. Nourishes, relaxes and calms the skin.

4.Balancing body care series with stem cell extracts of the Champagne pear and Aachen thermal spring water. Valuable argan oil supports the protective lipid barrier. With an enveloping fragrance made of bergamot, cedar wood and vanilla, makes your skin soft, smooth, relaxed and balanced.

Body peeling Skin-refining supple peeling cream for the body, based on oil and sea salt. Leaves the skin looking smooth and silky soft after just one application.(30 min.) 55€

Peeling and body pack with massage According to the chosen line/body care, a pack is prepared with detoxifying effects for your skin, followed by a back or body massage.(60min. or 90min.) 120€ or 150€

Body peeling and body pack This soft body peeling leaves the skin looking smooth and silky soft; according to the chosen line, will be applied a body pack with high-quality almond oil. The active ingredients do their nourishing action, meanwhile will be performed a relaxing scalp massage(60min.)120€

Body peeling with massageThis body peeling leaves the skin silky soft and prepares it for a relaxing massage. (80min.) 130€

Thermo-mineral mud pack Specific treatment to relieve pain and muscle tensions. It consists of a decontracting massage to an area of the body of your choice, followed by a thermo-mineral mudpack with muscle relaxing effect. While the mudpack acts, will be performed a relaxing scalp or foot massage.(60min.) 120€

Wellness packages

Aditya:1 aromatic body peeling of 30min, one facial of 55min and a massage of 25min(1 h 50min.) 175 €

Savitar 1 body treatment of 90min, one facial of 55min(2 h 15min.) 200 €

Gayatri1 massage of 55min, one aromatic body peeling of 30min, one facial of 25min(1 h 50min.) 190 €


  • According to your needs, the wellness packages can be personalized
  • Thermal area is included



How to book

Please contact the SPA reception (ph. 597) or by email to We advise that you book your treatments well in advance to ensure you are able to secure the treatment times you need.


Notification of cancellation is required 24 hours in advance of your appointment. Failure to cancel a booking will result in the full charge being implemented.

Health advice

All treatments are booked subject to medical status. Before having your treatments or access to the thermal area, it is important for us to know if you are pregnant or have undergone recent surgery, we also need to know about any medical issues you may have such as high blood pressure, heart problems, varicose veins, allergies, or any other condition. Please let us know at the time of booking so that we can ensure that the treatments are suitable for your situation. (Thermal bathing and the hydro pool are not available to pregnant guests).

Age restrictions

The Spa & treatments are only available to guests of 18 years and over.


We advise you to arrive for your first appointment 15 minutes ahead of time to allow yourself the opportunity to complete your health questionnaire and relax before your treatment. If you are late, your treatment time may be shortened and the same treatment price will apply

Operating Hour Thermal area Spa:

From 12.00pm to 07.00 pm (last reservation)

Massages and treatments SPA:

From 12.00pm to 07.00pm (last reservation)

Wellness packages

From 12.00pm to 06.00pm (last reservation)

What to bring

For all areas of the SPA, you will need your swimsuit, wearing a bathrobe and slippers available in the room. In case of need, we will be happy to provide it. During the treatment, we recommend to wear the disposable underwear provided by our staff. Our therapists will guarantee maximum comfort and maximum privacy by covering the areas of the body that are not the subject of aesthetic treatment.


Selections of complimentary herbal tea are available in our Spa lounge. We remind you that the use of alcoholic beverages is not allowed inside the Spa.

Mobile telephones

For courtesy to all our Spa guests, we appreciate you leaving your mobile phone switched off in your locker, or left in your room.