From Villa Fiorella to Marina della Lobra

Villa Fiorella

25 August 2020

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From Villa Fiorella Art Hotel to Marina Lobra being enchanted by the breath-taking landscapes of Massa Lubrense

Suitable also for neophytes, the path that from Villa Fiorella Art Hotel leads to Marina della Lobra, passing through the ancient villages of Santa Maria and Annunziata, is breathtakingly beautiful.

The path, about 2 kilometres long, has a vertical drop of 100 m and can be covered in about an hour.

A few meters from Villa Fiorella, there is a road called via Rachione.

Here is suggested a visit to  il Cerriglio”, located in the palace that from the XV century is residence of the family De Martino, that consist in a paved driveway in Massa Stone, adorned with marble statutes and half-length statues, ending in a nymphaeum.

It’s an historical testimony of Roman time but also an area of relevant scenographic value.

At the beginning of the street, in Via Mortella, there was the projectile wheel where children who could not be declared were left. The newborns were collected by a person in charge of the city who firstly provided for them to be baptized

Proceeding trough via Mortella, whose beginning is at the corner of Via Pozzillo, and then continue – at the top right  – following the red trail sign.

In Sant’Aniello Vecchio street headed for the ancient church of Sant’Agnello Abbate, the surrounding landscape is made up of tufa stone walls. The little street proceeds uphill until a staircase that leads until the village of Santa Maria.

The landscape that is possible to enjoy from this path is almost a telescope on the port of Marina della Lobra. At the end of the stairs there is the little square of Santa Maria.

The church dedicated to Santa Maria della Misericordia is on the left. We are in one of the most ancient farmhouse of Massa Lubrense. In ancient times it was called Belvedere but the name was changed in the current, Santa Maria della Misericordia, for particular protection against those tried and sentenced in the Justice Offices that were located in this place.

Walking along the road, following the blue marker, you pass through the square of the Annunziata, with its church and, right after, the majestic Turbolo Tower, built in 1614 and headquarters of the Monte dei Pegni.

We can make a short stop relaxing on the benches of the Belvedere, obtained on the western bastion of the castle: from here the view of Capri is wonderful.

Proceeding the walk on the stock, downhill, to get to the beginning of a staircase adjacent to Villa Murat.

Today the building is private property, but it’s possible to organize guided visit upon request.

The Villa dates back to the XVII century, but It’s been recently renovated and preserves inside some pieces from the 800, frescoed ceilings and some heirlooms, such as the white weapon found intact and attributed to Gioacchino Murat. At the main floor, 3 rooms. Equally beautiful is the garden surrounding the house: here, during Summer, concerts and art exhibitions take places among holm oak, strawberry-trees and essences.

The walk proceed with the blue marker until exit, for a short stretch, on the stock via IV Novembre.

Turning right, you reach the cemetery of San Liberatore, great panoramic point, and from here the blue marker resumes until the village of Marina della Lobra.

Reached the fisherman village, it worth to linger to enjoy of the calm and the tranquillity of the village and enjoy the sensation of a crystallized time, before going back to Villa Fiorella Art Hotel along Via Colombo.