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25 August 2020

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Descent to the fjord of Crapolla

The fjord of Crapolla is a natural inlet, geographically included between Recommone and Punta Taschiero.

The bay is located in the gulf of Salerno and is a zone of general reserve (B Zone) as part of the Protected Marine Area of Punta Campanella.

The route begins from Via Nula, near San Tommaso Apostolo square in the village of Torca, that is possible to reach by bus from Massa Lubrense, and advances until the inlet

At the beginning, one should pay attention to the markers, because the route crosses other paths in more than on po

The excursion proceeds with the church of S. Pietro, located on the western hill while on the opposite side is located the ancient defensive tower of Crapolla, built in the vice regal period to front Saracen’s assaults.

The walk ends in the characteristic fishing village, where it’s possible to see many remains of Roman buildings, as the tanks for the collection of rainwater.
The fjord is still used by many fishermens from Torca as starting and rest point for sea trips.

The history tells that Crapolla was abandoned from the Romans during the first centuries of the Christian era and then returned to have an important role, thanks to the building of a big abbey at the beginning of year 1000, the Monastery of the black Benedictines, that during the centuries became possession of different monastic orders.

A votive chapel, dedicated to the Saint, remains of the original Abbey of San Pietro, built with the same stones of the ancient building. Today is still possible to see column tanks and marble bases.
During the ancient times, Crapolla was an area of intense maritime traffic and was also the protagonist of numerous contrasting events due to the presence of religious buildings, appreciated by the Saracens for the treasures kept.

Crapolla is source of popular legends linked to the figure of Saint Pietro and his generosity towards the population.

This explains how once it was a common use to pilgrimage from Sorrento, trough the villages, to the abbey of Saint Pietro in Crapolla to pay tribute to the Saint.