Tasting the landscape

Campania region, kissed by the sun and dotted with fertile volcanoes, with a strategic position in the center of the Mediterranean,offers a centuries-old and very rich gastronomic tradition.Oil, wine but also pasta and cheeses are the ingredients of a territory to be… tasted

Visit to the oil mill

Round here we have a green gold: our olives. Centuries-old olive trees line the hills around Massa Lubrense and thanks to the mild climate and proximity to the sea, the oil produced here is balanced and has a sweet flavor. We are proud of this product and that is why we want to make it known to everyone and we think that a visit to the oil mills of Massa Lubrense can open a world made of flavor and love for this land.
Visiting one of the nearby oil mills will allow you to discover how the oil production- process takes place and above all to taste the oil produced on a piece of hot bread, which is one of the best and most authentic culinary experiences you can have.

A day at the artisan pasta factory in Gragnano

It is not a cliché: pasta for us in southern Italy is an important thing and we are very keen on the fact that it is full-bodied, properly cooked and well-seasoned. The artisanal pasta factories of Gragnano have always produced pasta as tradition to bring to the table a product with an unmistakable flavor. Visiting one of the ancient pasta factories will be a journey into the past to discover how pasta was processed in ancient times and how techniques have evolved up to modern processing. Also, it will be a journey to discover flavor: there is no visit to a pasta factory without eating some pasta, and it will be like you’ve never done before.

The Mozzarella

The uniqueness of Massa Lubrense is to know how to perfectly mix beauty, good living and unique flavors. Among the good things to eat that you can find there is Mozzarella, one of the typical flavors of Campania. You can taste it right where this product is created, in one of the local dairy farms where you can also have the opportunity to discover the whole process of producing the best dairy products and obviously tasting, as we say around here, a beautiful Mozzarella “fresca, fresca”.

Exclusive Wine Tasting

Villa Fiorella Art Hotel has an enviable cellar, consisting of more than 600 labels and 3000 bottles. A unique treasure, an anthology of unique flavors and tastes. The good fortune to have a wine cellar of this type will allow you to undertake an exclusive tasting itinerary under the guidance of our Sommelier Tiziano Imperato. Good wine, beauty all around: is this perhaps paradise?

Visit wineries

So many excellences in one territory, that’s why we feel lucky to be here. Once again, we speak about wine and in this case of the place where the nectar of the gods is produced. You will have the opportunity to visit a winery by the Vesuvius, right on the slopes of the great volcano, where Lacryma Christi is produced, one of the most famous wines of this land. Visiting a winery means discovering all the steps that lead grapes to become wine, millenary techniques arrived to the present day and improved to offer customers a quality product. But it also means tasting a good glass of wine accompanied by something typical.

At pizza school

Who doesn’t like pizza? So far, we haven’t found anyone who refuses a nice slice of pizza with tomato and mozzarella. Pizza is the solution to almost everything and here it is like a religion. And then learning how to make pizza, following the advice of a “Pizzaiolo”, and then eating that pizza, will be an experience to be told for years and years. Knead the dough, add the ingredients, bake (in a real wood oven), wait, cut into four slices and eat. Can you smell its scent already?

Luxury picnin

It is a warm day, there is a nice breeze coming from the sea, Capri can be seen clearly and close, the olive trees all around you and the leaves move delicately. A tablecloth lying on the grass, an open basket with salty treats and some sweets inside, two glasses of wine, soft music. Can you imagine? Our picnic is a little dream that comes true, an opportunity to say “I love you” or to ask “Will you marry me?” or even just for a moment of happiness with Capri in front of your eyes…

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